Terms and conditions

If you return any item within 30 days it will be taken as a cancellation of your order, or relevant part of your order.

Goods are provided to you on approval and legal title to the goods will not be yours until the 30 day post-delivery period has expired. When we receive returned goods, Giddins Guard will refund in full the amount paid for them, or offer an exchange, whichever you prefer. You must however return the goods to Giddins Guard on cancellation so that we can do this.

If you cancel your order within seven days after the day you get your goods and you cancel the whole order, we will refund the standard postage and packaging costs you paid as part of that order, in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. We will not refund any postage and packaging charges if you cancel after the seven days allowed under the Distance Selling Regulations or if you only cancel part of your order (although you will still have 30 days to return your goods and receive a refund for the cost of the goods.)

Giddins Guard shall not be liable for any consequential customer loss, whether this arises from a breach of contract or in any other way. Giddins Guard cannot accept any liability for a failure to comply with specific instructions stated on this website or on the product. Your statutory rights are not affected by this statement.